Studying the assembly, maintenance, and disassembly of ecological communities

Welcome to the Baiser Lab of community ecology where we are interested in the how, why, when, and where of ecological communities. We take empirical and theoretical approaches with a wide-range of organisms and systems to explore how species composition, traits, phylogenetic diversity, and interaction structure change over space and time.

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3/2018 Baiser lab publication: Exotic species differ from natives in species-area and phylogenetic-diversity area relationships (link)

3/2018  Baiser lab publication: Foundations species alter ant communities (link)

2/2018  NPS grant proposal selected for funding!

2/2018  Baiser lab publication: Tropical birds have less variable body sizes than their temperate sister taxa (link)

2/2018  Baiser lab publication: Small mammals have narrower body size niches in species-rich assemblages (link)